The Road to Skagway

After a particularly frustrating day in the field that involved some very uncooperative sparrows and a stowaway ground squirrel in our engine (he was fine, just relocated to the bottom of the mountain), we decided to get away from Whitehorse for a day or two and sample some golden crowned sparrow populations abroad. The next morning…


Yukon – A Day in the Field

Over the past few weeks the mountain has slowly shifted from spring into summer. Snow has melted into muddy puddles, purple patches of lupine are slowly replaced by yellow cinquefoil, and the number of layers we strip off throughout the day has increased.

Yukon – First Impressions

I arrived at the airport just after midnight. My plane had chased the setting sun north from Vancouver, British Columbia to my final destination Whitehorse, Yukon. Outside, it looked like dusk had only just begun to settle in. I wouldn’t see anything darker for the next two months. This was Yukon, land of the midnight…


Swimming with the Flightless

Clattering in a rickety pickup truck through the dark, sandy streets of Puerto Villamil I struggled to keep my eyes open. It was four in the morning in the Galapagos Islands, and I had woken up just minutes before. As my eyelids sunk lower and lower, the truck motored its way towards the port, occasionally…


Into Namibia

I first glimpsed Africa through a minute airplane window two seats and an aisle away. A irritable woman guarded the small pane of glass and matched each of my curious glances through it with pointed glares back in my direction. I didn’t care. It would take more than a few annoyed looks to diminish the excitement…


Earth Day PSA – “Look Up”

Sitting on a bench outside of class today, I watched as one of the campus’ resident red-shouldered hawks flew onto a streetlight that stretched over a busy sidewalk. It was easily the closest I had ever been to a wild hawk, and the little, wrinkled, khaki-clad grandma that is my inner ornithologist was jumping for joy. As I looked…


A Brief Intro

I am outdoors every chance I get. Snorkeling, studying it doesn’t matter. Until buildings learn to let in sunlight and the occasional breeze, my time within their walls will be temporary. Day to day, my free time is spent kayaking, snorkeling, or just sitting outside, soaking in the sunshine and bird song. If I’m indoors,…