Yukon – A Day in the Field

Over the past few weeks the mountain has slowly shifted from spring into summer. Snow has melted into muddy puddles, purple patches of lupine are slowly replaced by yellow cinquefoil, and the number of layers we strip off throughout the day has increased.


Yukon – First Impressions

I arrived at the airport just after midnight. My plane had chased the setting sun north from Vancouver, British Columbia to my final destination Whitehorse, Yukon. Outside, it looked like dusk had only just begun to settle in. I wouldn’t see anything darker for the next two months. This was Yukon, land of the midnight…

Interesting this Week – bees, babblers, travelers and bees

This will be the first in a series of weekly posts showcasing interesting nature and science links. In the News Commuting Bees – In the light of the worlds recent bee declines, citizens in Norway’s capital, Oslo, have decided to help these industrious little flyers by creating the worlds first “bee highway” through the city.…