What to do when the mountains call.. and you can’t go

Whether it’s due to a storm, a lack of finances, or the fact that you live in flat, flat Florida (like me), there are times that even the most intrepid of adventurers are forced through periods of wilderness withdrawal. This is a list for times like those.

15053200_10207990002922449_350854282_oArmchair hike – Sometimes “adventures” happen when you’re curled up on the couch with a good book and a big mug of tea. My favorite armchair adventures are written by the likes of Edward Abbey and Jon Krakauer. Visit my book list for some suggestions.

Explore a local ecosystem – Even if you’re city contained or suburbia smothered, you’d be surprised by the pockets of nature that exist in the most unlikely of places. My personal hometown getaway is a water treatment plant turned bird preserve. To find your own slice of wilderness seek out municipal parks, rooftop gardens and the like. You are sure to find something.

Go indoor rock climbing – While nothing compares to nature’s rock masterpieces,  indoor
rock climbing is a great way to build skills for the outdoors, stay fit, and make new mountain-minded friends.

LR 1--3Sleep outside – Pitch a tent in your backyard, hang a hammock on the beach, or even just open a window. Anything so you can fall asleep with the wind in your hair and the stars above you. For some great five-to-nine adventure ideas visit the blog of Al Humphreys, architect of the microadventure.

Connect online – Make use of actually having internet for once by connecting with other adventurers via the world wide web. Follow some new blogs or explore the adventure community on twitter, maybe you’ll find someone to split gas money with next time you head out to the peaks.

Plan your next trip – Pour over topo maps, write out an itinerary, or build up your adventure pinterest boards; because, lets be honest, you should always have a trip to the mountains on the horizon.

Have any ideas of your own? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @wingwhirrs.



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