Galapagos in Pictures

I arrived in the Galapagos Islands exactly a year ago today. Here’s a collection of my favorite pictures from my three months living on Isla Isabela and exploring the other islands of the archipelago.

5 thoughts on “Galapagos in Pictures

    • Thank you! If you’re island hopping on your own and not doing a cruise I highly recommend Academy Bay and Las Grietas on Isla Santa Cruz and Concha de Perla in Isla Isabela. All of these are cheap (or free) and give an amazing chance to see some wildlife and beautiful scenery. My biggest splurge trip was to Punta Moreno (on Isla Isabela) to see the flightless cormorants. We saw a breaching orca on the way and there were plenty of cormorants, turtles and sea lions to snorkel with. Another splurge would be to make it out to Isla Floreana. Of all the populated islands, it is the least inhabited an least built up. It was by far my favorite – black sand beaches, amazing snorkeling and bio-luminescent swimming at night. Over the next few weeks I plan on posting more about my time there!

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