A Peek at 2016

2016 is to be a year of progressions. Progressions in science, in adventuring, in my writing. In addition to (finally) turning this blog into what I’ve always wanted it to be I have a host of other resolutions. Here’s a peek…

Get into grad school. Applications are in and fingers are crossed, evolutionary ornithology here I come! Whether I end up in the Northeast, Midwest or out in California, I will (finally) make my way out of Florida and start exploring somewhere new.

Hike, camp, repeat. I’m happiest falling to sleep smelling like a campfire and knowing that just outside my tent the world is ALIVE. For this reason I plan on taking Al Humphrey’s up on his microadventure challenge – spending at least one night a month outdoors.

Visit (at the very least) three new national parks. For someone as outdoor-driven as I am, the number of national parks I’ve visited is pitiful. One of my biggest (and pretty much only) regrets about my childhood was how little I’ve seen of the natural United States. I’m not entirely sure which specific parks will make the list yet, but I have been eyeing the red canyons of Zion for a while now.

Make it overseas. Since getting back from Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands six months ago, I’ve been pretty stationary, immobilized by the demands of research and school. This coming summer that will be fixed. Plans are currently in the works for a combo UK and India trip sometime in May.

Move to the next level in my climbing. In 2015 I rediscovered my love of climbing. Unfortunately chronic wrist problems and a lengthy commute to the climbing gym have kept me from progressing as much as I would like. This coming year I’d like to get lead certified, strengthen my wrist, and spend more time outside on real rock.

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