Interesting this Week – eavesdropping wrens, glow worm caves, and epic climbs

Science News

Learned Eavesdropping-  In a new study by researchers at Australian National University, superb fairy wrens have been trained to recognize a foreign call as an alarm call. The wild birds were conditioned by the simultaneous presentation of a gliding predator model and a playback of the foreign sound. After just two days of training, the fairy wrens reacted appropriately to the foreign alarm call. This implies that the wrens actively learn and listen to alarm calls of other species. Read the full paper here.

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Photographer of the Week – Joseph Michael’s series, “Luminosity”, is a breathtaking glimpse into New Zealand caves, famous for their glowing worm inhabitants. Using long exposure photography Michael transforms these caves into magical grottoes. His other series have the same, ethereal feel as “Luminosity”. “While You Were Sleeping” and “Ocean is Stillness” vie for a close second place in my opinion. View his work here.

Video of the Week – As an inexperienced climber who has yet to set foot out of an indoor gym and onto real rocks, I could only imagine the mental and physical strength it must take to do a climb like this. The raw emotion and effort in this video allowed me to see first hand the immense struggles and rewards involved in trad climbing. Utterly inspiring.


**Featured image used under creative commons license. Photo is copyrighted by original photographer, David Jenkins, and named “Superb Fairy Wren – Queen of the Castle and Don’t You Forget It”. Original photo can be found here.


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