A Brief Intro

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I am outdoors every chance I get. Snorkeling, studying it doesn’t matter. Until buildings learn to let in sunlight and the occasional breeze, my time within their walls will be temporary.

Day to day, my free time is spent kayaking, snorkeling, or just sitting outside, soaking in the sunshine and bird song. If I’m indoors, chances are it’s raining or I’m reading, usually both. Free time like this tends to be pretty nonexistent during the school year, but I do what I can when I have the chance.

This blog is a place to share my adventures and experiences with people who have a similar love of the outdoors. From book reviews to travel accounts, if I would want to read it, I’ll write it. Many of my posts will be about my native S. Florida, however I try to get out of state as often as possible.

Interested? Follow me as I learn, travel and read my way through the natural world around us.

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